D.C. 'Privacy' Event to Honor Librarians

The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression and Campaign for Reader Privacy is sponsoring an event on September 28 in Washington DC to honor George Christian, executive director of Connecticut's Library Connection and three board members who fought an FBI subpoena of customer records. The librarians and press corps, some of whom had their phones tapped (such as Brian Ross of ABC) will be present.

On that same subject, the ACLU, who defended the four librarians, is offering all libraries FREE DVD copies of 'Freedom Files', which includes a report on the Library Connection incident. The ten episode series Freedom Files series also includes shows entitled: Women's Rights, Youth Speak, Religious Freedom, Voting Rights, and The Supreme Court, among others.


According to the article the DVD's are not given out to libraries unless an individual joins the ACLU and donates them to the library.
"The American Civil Liberties Union today announced that local libraries can receive free copies of the two-DVD set of the ACLU Freedom Files as part of a new membership drive. The promotion invites ACLU supporters to send a set of the programs to any library of their choosing when they establish or renew ACLU membership."
There ain't no free lunch.

Although the ACLU claimes distribution to 100 libraries, only 10 copies are listed in WorldCat.