Mooch it!

Molly K writes "Boing-boing reports on a new website called BookMooch, where users can "give away your old books, get others". Salient points: it's free (the only cost involved is shipping your book to it's new owner), it works on a point system (you have to give away books to receive them) and you can donate your unused points to charities (like hospitals or a library fund). Nice site design too."


I've been active on and PaperBackSwap. I'm excited about BookMooch because it's not limited to US swapping like PBS, and it's not limited to science fiction and fantasy like sf-books. I've tried other sites like Title Trader and Bookins, but I wasn't happy with the selection available for either, nor the valuation on the books that makes it too much like a substitute for a currency system. One book for one book is my preference.