schoenbc writes "From the article "...representatives for 10,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists are asking Congress to stop the Bush administration from closing the agency's network of technical research libraries. The EPA scientists, representing more than half of the total agency workforce, contend thousands of scientific studies are being put out of reach, hindering emergency preparedness, anti-pollution enforcement and long-term research, according to the letter released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)." http://www.peer.org/news/news_id.php?row_id=706"


Are we suprised? The EPA is a thorn in the side of big business and corps. Bush is simply attempting to pull out the thorn. Given the complete freedom to do as he wished I am sure he would close ALL libraries or at least turn them over to be run by large corporations. "Get rid of the middle man" has long been a term heard in business. Hurray for Bush for developing this maxim to include all the 'men' below the top as well.

Get rid of EPA libraries, advance logging and mining concerns in our national/international nature reserves, lower federal regulations regarding food and health safety-this is what a majority of Americans voted for - this has become the American Way.