Newshour with Jim Lehrer Themed Birthday Party


Ace newshound pchuck posted this in his journal and frankly it seemed too good to pass up; despite being a day late for Friday Funnies-- Curmudgeony

Some D.C. area 3 year old had a "News Hour with Jim Lehrer"-themed birthday party complete with birthday cake with the Newshour logo and a photograph of the entire cast as frosting.

Here is the Washington Post article from the Reliable Sources column dated 6/15/2006: article

The last line of the article: "All of our guests were really good sports," said the hostess, noting that serving the cake was a little awkward. Do you want ice cream with your Ray Suarez?

This is troubling on sooo many different levels.


oh how I miss skimming it everyday.

Thank you for posting this. It seriously made me smile. I'm a News Hour junkie myself and I always thought that when little ones that age were in the house you had to turn the news off. This is so great. I've printed it out to show sisters and such when they bring their kids come to my house!

Because Jim and my mom's brother have the same birthdate. Same year too. Oddly so does my uncle:)

My mom celebrates the Bard's birthday (and death date as it was the same calendar day) with a cake. Of course she was an English teacher. 4/16 I think.