CIA publishes Top 25 Searches on their site


Search Engines Duder writes "This collection reports the most frequent phrases used to search for documents on this site during the previous month, along with the number of times that search phrase was entered. It does not reflect phrases entered into third-party search engines used to find this site, but rather reflects phrases entered into the search mechanisms on this site.
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What is worrying is that people are looking up UFO and area 51. Most of the other terms

No ma'am the Da Vinci code is under Brown in Fiction,...yes Fiction.


What I was saying... most of the other terms relate to the CIA's mission, but do people think alien....

LaHaye, yes Tim is his first name. You will see a bunch of them he is easy to spot.


Do people really think aliens are flying to this planet. Wouldn't that be more of an Air Force thing rather than CIA?

Nostradamus... 133.3 area, I can look up the OK. You'll find it.

It just amazes me what some people are searching for on the CIA website.