Are Libraries Placing Value on Technology Innovation?

Eric Schnell asks Are Libraries Placing Value on Technology Innovation?. He says Job postings alone are not evidence that libraries are not placing a high enough value on innovation. If position recruitment can be an indicator of the the value libraries are placing on services, it appears we are continuing to grow our sustaining services (ah, the Librarian's Dilemma yet again) such as reference, technical services, and instruction. The administrative percentage may indicate the retirement bubble.
In the end, library organizations that do not place a value on disruptive technologies, and do not allocate resources and processes to deal with them, may find themselves faced with serious challenges in the coming years.


Is that some libraries? all libraries? most libraries? Questioning minds need to know!

I would say "some" libraries are not investing in innovation. I said "innovation" rather than "technology innovation", because not all innovation is technology-based.

Many libraries are investing great amount of time and money in technology that better meets user needs. In the academic library environment, which I am most familiar, we see digitization efforts, digital repositories, blogs, wikis, virtual chat reference, multimedia centers, GIS, etc.

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