Microsoft "Academic Live" - well, is LIVE! writes " Windows Live Academic is now in beta. We currently index content related to computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and related subject areas.Academic search enables you to search for peer reviewed journal articles contained in journal publisher portals and on the web in locations like citeseer.Academic search works with libraries and institutions to search and provide access to subscription content for their members. Access restricted resources include subscription services or premium peer-reviewed journals"


I tried several searches and wasn't impressed.

For example, the search: Wise Forgeries, in Google Scholar results in the top hit of:

BOOK] … century pamphlets by John Carter and Graham Pollard: the forgeries of H. Buxton Forman & TJ Wise re …
N Barker, J Collins - 1992 - London: New Castle, DE: Scolar Press; Oak Knoll Books

While in Microsoft Live Academic Search I get:

Fragile watermarking scheme based on the block-wise dependence in the wavelet domain

Though I like the idea of an abstract preview pane, the web2.0 programming on it seems messed up so that it prevents proper scrolling of the results pane. And where is advanced search?

Not ready for prime-time folks.