Better grades? Thank a librarian

The first Canadian study linking school libraries to student achievement indicates that better libraries improve student test scores and add to kids' reading enjoyment.
The Ontario School Library Association says the research, released yesterday, is the evidence it needs to make a case for more trained school librarians and better-stocked shelves.

"There's such a clear link between libraries and student achievement I don't know how the minister (of education) can ignore it," said association president Michael Rosettis.


It doesn't take Einstein to figure out that libraries are vital to students' learning. When there is such a clear link, isn't it a wonder why the government continually devalue libraries by cutting their funding? Isn't this ironic? Not really. The truth is, the government don't care very much about libraries at all, reflected in the funding cuts. Of course, in public they say they care about libraries, but it's only a gesture. They have other priorities in areas of global economy and free trade and busy with figuring out how to cut our wages and conditions. So, vote the lot of them out!