Schools and libraries shit as council staff strike

Here's a headline you'll never read in the United States: Schools and libraries shit as council staff strike. libraries and other services in west and north Wiltshire were forced to close on Tuesday, as thousands of council workers went on strike over pensions.

Lack of non-teaching staff meant Larkrise Special School, Trowbridge, and King's Lodge Primary School, Chippenham, were closed, as were libraries in Melksham, Warminster, Westbury and Trowbridge.

Update: 03/31 14:10 GMT by B : Mock Turtle points out they've since changed it to read "Schools and libraries shut as council staff strike" (I'm positive I didn't imagine it)


You must've imagined that headline. Got this from "This is Wiltshire":
"Searching for: shit/

Sorry, your search for shit did not match any articles."

But they did have this article...
regarding "piles of dog mess">

Apparently it was just one of those embarrassing typos. Here's the corrected head:

Schools and libraries shut as council staff>