Barnes & Noble: Sell Us Your Books


Interesting Move By B&N: They now buy used books. They give an instant quote "based on future demand for the book and current stock availability." They even pay for shipping.


Let us try a couple books and see how we do.

1st Book
"A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children" (ISBN:0721672868)

Sells on Amazon for $118. Third party seller on Amazon is selling for $100. If you listed this book on Amazon, and anyone can list a book on Amazon, you could sell the book for $99. Amazon takes 15% ($14.85) and gives you $2.26 to ship. If you sell book on Amazon you will get a total of $86.41. You will need to ship the book out of the $86.41. If you send via media mail shipping and packing materials should be $5 or under. Total after shipping $81.41.

When you enter the ISBN at BN to see what they will give you it is $11.75. If you sell your book on Amazon instead of you get $69 more dollars.

Some other books:

I ran this book "American Theocracy : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21stCent" which is currently the #1 book on Amazon and is selling for $16. BN will not buy this book.

I ran "Foundations of Ajax" that is the 5000 bestselling book on Amazon and has a price of $22. BN will not buy.

I ran "Neurological Differential Diagnosis" (ISBN:3540199373) Amazon sells for $101. Third party seller is selling for $67. Sales rank is 40,000. This is a good sales rank for a textbook and if you listed on Amazon as the low price you would sell book within two weeks and probably in one. After Amazon commission and shipping credit you would get $58.36 from Amazon. Take off $5 for shipping and handling and you are at $53.36. BN will not buy this book.