Devouring books a literal possibility at April U. of I. festival


Good News For fans food (and books). An upcoming event at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign gives a whole new meaning to the notion of "devouring" a book.

The First Annual C-U Edible Books Festival is coming to campus April 3 (Monday).

The event, sponsored by the U. of I. Library and held in conjunction with the International Edible Books Festival, will be held in the Illini Union.

The U. of I. is the second site in Illinois to join in the event; the other is Columbia College in Chicago. U. of I. reference librarian Kathleen Kern attended Columbia College’s event last year and told fellow librarian Searing about it.

What's the connection between book and food lovers?

"There's certainly a lot of overlap," Searing said. "So many of us enjoy a snack or a warm drink while curled up with a good book. Not to mention all the cookbook collectors out there – who greatly out-number the actual cooks. For me, personally, reading and eating are two of life's greatest pleasures."


Speaking of the possibility of devouring books:

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