China: Thinking Of The Children Too

The NYTimes Has some coverage of a "rare" briefing with Liu Zhengrong, supervisor og Internet affairs for the information office of the Chinese State Council, or cabinet, did not dispute charges that China operates a technologically sophisticated firewall to protect the ruling Communist Party against what it treats as Web-based challenges from people inside China and abroad.

Mr. Liu said the major thrust of the Chinese effort to regulate content on the Web was aimed at preventing the spread of pornography or other content harmful to teenagers and children. He said that its concerns in this area differ minimally from those in developed countries.


Liu Zhengrong is so full of crap his eyes are brown. "Pornography" is simply a handy excuse for authoritarian control freaks to attack freedom. There is nothing pornographic about words like "democracy", or "Tibet", or "Falun Gong". The only obscenity that took place in Tianenmen Square was perpetrated by the government. "Porn" is a specious argument that is used by most if not all of the religious police states. What was so pornographic about paper bags that the Taliban of Afghanistan had to ban them as "offensive to Allah"?

But he sought to place the massive Chinese efforts to control the Web in the best possible light, stressing repeatedly that Chinese Internet minders abide strictly by laws and regulations that in some cases have been modeled on American and European statutes.

Unfortunately, that might well be true, but if so, it is an indication that the U.S. and Europe, and especially Canada, need to correct these legislations and regulations. Censorial fools scream "We must protect the children", but who is going to protect the free and democratic system they are supposed to grow up in and believe in?