149 university libraries are digitalised in India

This One Is Short on details, but they say as many as 149 university libraries across the country have been digitalised at a cost of Rs 30 crore during the tenth five-year plan period, under the University Grants Commission Infonet programme.

Information and Library Network director T A V Murthy, speaking at a function at the Gulbarga University on Sunday, said steps taken by INFLIBNET and UGC in e-learning and digitalisation of varsity libraries would revolutionise education in the country.


Okay, somebody catch the error in my math here:

Rs 30 crore (30,00,00,000)
= 300 million INR * 0.0226424 INR/USD at current exchange
= 6,792,720 USD divided by 149 university libraries
= USD 45,589 per library?

I'd definitely be interested in more details about how they accomplished that.

Perhaps they outsourced the job to an even poorer country? (Or, alternatively, the labor in India is inexpensive enough to pull it off.)I'd like to see exactly how much they have digitized, i.e., how many files, total storage capacity, file formats, and so forth.

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