It ain't heavy, it's my book club


Book clubs have invigorated sales and created new literary stars - but at a price. As publishers and booksellers rush to cash in, Debbie Taylor reports on the rise of Lit Lite. "In commercial terms, getting on to the Richard & Judy Book Club probably means more than winning the Booker," comments Jon Wood, publishing director of fiction at Orion. The so-called "Richard & Judy effect", which is credited with upping book sales of its selected titles by $50 million since it started, has sent publishers scrambling for Lit Lite.


Interesting to read about this from the British point of view, but more interesting if you simply replace the Judy club with Oprah's club (and the Today Show, and so on), and you get a view of what is happening here in this side of the pond. Some things just never change, though I wonder what the effect on book clubs here will be after the Frey fiasco.