Overdue book reopens past chapters


Think you could get an entire column out of an overdue book? Well Grand Traverse Herald editor did.

"There are certain words in life that should avoid the adjective overdue: milk, baby and library books.
While chunky two percent is hard to swallow, it's plenty palatable compared to the bitter realization that "Fun and Fancy Free" is three days overdue. After all, besmirching your upright library patron status is neither fun or fancy free.


Anyone reclassing it as fiction? I think it should come out of 921 where we have it and go in the fiction stacks (or the trash can).

Of course my previous comment had nothing to do with this story, but with the one below it.

I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning when I woke up and my right big toe hurt. I hurt myself sleeping.

I'm going to get tea.