Ambient Findability -- a review of the book

Martin writes "This article from Slashdot reviews a recent book by Peter Morville, an information architect. He defines "ambient findability" as "a realm in which we can find anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime." The reviewer recommends that many people, including librarians, should read the book, saying that it will "amaze and delight you. It will give you new insight into how ubiquitous computing is affecting how we find and use information and how we, as users, can and will shape the future of how data is stored and retrieved.""


Am I mis-remembering, or was this the title for a previous Librarian's Book Club discussion? I convinced our library to purchase a copy and naturally I have first dibs.

Last I heard it was to be the *next* book read. We seem to be moving VERY slow on "Search" so far. Maybe I need to make a few posts.

Haven't had a chance to read it, but I've heard very good things about it. It's on O'Reilly book - a favorite of us techies - and the author, Peter Morville, has experience in library science. Bridges the gap between worlds nicely.