UMass teacher blasts colleagues on hoax story

The Boston Globe says Clyde Barrow, head of policy studies at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth wants the university to suspend a student who made up a story about being grilled by federal antiterrorism agents over a library book and to reprimand faculty members who spread the tale.


Well we can assume that Dr. Barrow has tenure because if he didn't he would be looking for work today. I guess tenure does have some benefits.

The guy that thinks the men in black are knocking on doors about interlibrary loans thinks the guy who called him (and the other professor) a "[D]ogmatic and zealous group of politically correct but chic anti-Americans," is unstable. If anyone is not playing with a full deck it is not Dr. Barrow.

I love this quote 'It's left, it's PC, and it's got a vision of world peace stuck somewhere in there," holy geez it sounds like someone I know. Then again it sounds like any university department in the US.