Nova Scotians Still Vulnerable as U.S. Patriot Act is Extended


NDP House Leader and Justice Critic Kevin Deveaux is calling on the Minister of Justice, Michael Baker, to release his Department's plans for protecting Nova Scotians who have personal information stored in American data bases - accessible to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under section 215 of the USA Patriot Act. Are Nova Scotians more dangerous than Quakers? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the final battle is being fought right now in Washington. Senate Republicans and the Bush administration took the offensive Tuesday against critics of the Patriot Act, saying on the eve of an expected vote that Congress must renew the law for four years. But reauthorization may be hitting snags in the Senate, where some GOP and Democratic senators are dissatisfied with a compromise worked out last week between key Republicans in the House and Senate.


Gotta watch out for us Bluenosers. Definitely more dangerous than Quakers, definitely. Heh.

I have to say, though, that I figure American companies and/or government have probably had info on Nova Scotians/Canadians for years now. (If they weren't out to get me, I wouldn't be paranoid.)It's probably a little late to be worrying about this, isn't it?