Does "Web 2.0" mean anything?

If you're like me (And you know you want to be) you roll your eyes everytime you see someone writing about "WEB 2.0." Joey sent over a link to Web 2.0 by Paul Graham of Yahoo Stores and
Lisp fame that's worth a read even if you don't think there's anything new in Web 2.0 other than the name.
He says Originally, yes, Web 2.0was meaningless. Now it seems to have acquired a meaning. And yet those who dislike the term are probably right, because if it means what I think it does, we don't need it.


If you want to find out if a website is truly Web 2.0-compliant, try using the Web 2.0>. As of this writing, LISNews is scoring 1 out of a possible 10: Actually mentions Web 2.0