Google's Wifi Gift to Hometown

From search-engines-web: According to the Official Google Blog, the City Council of Mountain View (CA) has voted to approve a proposal from Google to provide wifi to the entire city.


Three little comments:

1. I live in Mountain View (and work nearby the Googleplex) as do roughly 1,000 Googlers. This will be interesting to watch. (Not "interesting" in the curse sense, but in the positive, fun, interesting sense.)

2. Read the linked item! The Googler involved treats the library nicely. (When I wrote about it yesterday, I didn't realize that Google is also providing a new bookmobile for Mountain View; don't know whether it replaces or supplements the current one.) As for finances: Not only is the system free, but Google pays a tiny rental fee to Mountain View for use of a few light poles.

3. I'm not getting ready to shut down my DSL connection just yet--but I hope (and suspect) that SBC and Comcast are going to be very motivated to keep broadband prices in Mountain View very low... The local press coverage has said "WiFi everywhere in the city, even in some people's living rooms." That qualifier gives me pause, particularly given that we don't currently get cell-phone coverage at home (except in the front yard) and that my primary computer use is near the rear of the (tiny) house. So, wait and see.

All in all, though, the combination of the wording for this announcement and the change from Google Print to Google Book Search (not Google Books!) makes it a good day to say nice things about Google.

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