We Got Bugs!


There's about a million things wrong with the "New & Improved" LISNews. At this point all I can say is I have a list, it's growing, and I'll get things fixed when I can. BUT, please feel free to add to my list below; I'll get your bug fixed right away if it's important, and sooner or later if it's not.In no particular order at this point: (I'm just overwhelmed and can't even prioritize things yet)

Put the RSS badge on all the journals again.
There's no page that lists all the feeds.
Cookies don't work so good if you hit the .com pages, time for mod_rewrite & announcemnt
is there some kind of issue with the domain name www prefix thing?
Colors are messed up on submission queue.
Topics popup chooser is too short.
Why don't the sections work
Why does the server get overwhelmed so easily?
Set up sudoers
Figure out how to use sendmail
Set up a bett my.cnf
Move the Apache logs to a better place.
Lists needs a better .qmail file
Get a backup schedule going
Download all old server back ups and burn them
Move mysql to second drive?
Is mysql in rc.d?
Set up authors list again
Are the RSS feeds updating?
Is navigation back to where it was?
Make the random quotes come back to the footer
Add format to the slash generated feeds.
There's too much space up on the top
Bring back the orange?
Need a new logo.

"When the homepage and several pages begin loading - the current accepted Submissions for the day will appear initially in a boxes in the CENTER between the NAVIGATION and the FEATURES links Suddenly, after the page loads the middle box will drop to the bottom under the left and right links - demanding scrolling the get to the first story This is due to the STYLE="position:absolute;left: feature and choose an exact placement numbers for the BOXES" (SEO Guy)

" This page was generated by a"
There is no about, FAQ, or any .shtml pages for that matter.
The recent comments page sucks
Did I move over all the other pages I made?
Comments.pl seems to be broken
Topics.pl shows sections twice
Double check I really do have the topics set up correctly.
Why are recent submitted stories on top of the page? Move them down
Move the search box to the top?
Why the heck can't I get GraphZiz to install?
I probably need to fiddle with the filters again.
There's probably vars that need to be updated
Are we having cookie issues?
Set up mailing list to go out three days a week.
This ACL thing is really neat, build some!
Can I move the ads somewhere better?


I was subscribed to the RSS feed when it was hosted under the .com address, and it was not updating. I deleted that feed from my feed reader and resubscribed from the .org site. It appears to be updating OK.

I just tried to reply to the news item "Books by kids to coarse for kids". When I went in and clicked the reply button, I got this page telling me I'm not subscribed and/or that I'm trying to access a discussion scheduled for the future, instead of the "post comment" box.

I was logged in and I'm not getting it with any other article I've tried to post to.


Why not do a poll on the front page? New colors/old colors/doesn't matter could be the choices...maybe let it run for a week.

Just a thought.


Yeah, I'm seeing some cookie issues too, I'm not sure what's going on. I reset a few cookiw things, I'm hoping that'll fix it.

Agreed on the maroon, its very nice. Also you raise a point on the Grey background. While nice it could have some contrast issues. All in all, I like the idea of a "new look" for the site. When I do a major site redesign I like to mix things up a bit with colors. New site, new colors. This site here from wickline.org allows users to simulate different colorblindness issues for legibility.

...I won't run screaming from the room!

I still don't get anything on the discussions page nor is the faq page there for me. I do get the journals page correctly now.

One thing I've noticed: if I go to http://www.lisnews.org/ --every time I load the page it wants me to log in...but if I click on journals or messages, when it takes me to that page, I AM logged in (even if I don't log in on the main page. Now, if I go to http://lisnews.org/ I'm shown as being logged in on the main page. Probably not a big issue in the long run (LISNews is my homepage at work and I just set it to http://lisnews.org./ I don't know if the fact I use Opera is making a difference or not.


For fixing the rolling journals box!

And for being so patient with our whining!

Overall, I like the new aesthetic, and I prefer the maroon to the old orange.

I'm not so wild about the dark gray background for comments; reduced contrast for text is rarely wonderful. But I can live with it.

oh damn it. Thanks, I missed that one it was so obvious.

all the <link>s in the RSS feed point to lisnews.com and not lisnews.org. And also, the story <link>s don't actually point to the story. they are all "http://www.lisnews.com/article.pl?sid=".also, don't go back to orange! i like these colors more.

Thanks, I still can't decide if we should keep it or go back to orange.

Discussion list is on my list, so is FAQ and the other pages like that. I think I fixed the journals list link now, and the email should work now as well, assuming you sent it to blake at lisnews the org domain, but the com domain works as well.Thanks!

I can see that it will look nice. Much cleaner and nice colors. At the moment, I get no Discussion list, which was a favorite feature because it listed both stories and journal entries and I could select. The FAQ isn't working. Journals list only my "friends" which is a pretty short list! Also, the e-mail address for LISNews to which I sent a long list, bounced.

more of a comment. I like the new color scheme.

Thanks, many of the feeds are going to be a bit messy for a bit.

It's working now. But I just noticed something, it says I posted my previous comment at 4:13pm on Sat. It was closer to 10:30 (Atlantic Standard time). I just looked at the story I was trying to comment on and it was posted at 7:36 pm. Perhaps this is the issue? Journal posting time is as it usually is.

Seems like it's a time issue. I'm posting this comment at 8:30 am AST...I
just previewed this and it says I'm posting it at 2:30 am.