Shh! Words They Don't Want You To Know


dcstone writes "The Federation of American Scientists has published what it calls "a lexicon of secrecy" on its website, a vocabulary of government information policy that includes information about each phrase's genealogical roots in official documents. Author Susan Maret is an adjunct professor of library science at the University of Denver.

See On Their Own Terms: A Lexicon with an Emphasis on Information-Related Terms Produced by the U.S. Federal Government by Susan Maret, Ph.D., November 2005."


That's a lot of pages about information, none of which seems to be too secret, and is all in plain sight. That’s still a useful bibliography. Nice to have it all in one place. HOWEVER, a title page, issuing agency and date would have been nice, and who funded it in case someone wants to catalog it. Not much on who the author is in this piece. So I googled her and at least in 2000 she was

SUSAN MARET, Instructor, Reference Librarian, Auraria Library [U. of Colorado]. A.A., Mesa College; B.A., Arizona State University; M.L.S., University of Arizona. Also writes for various “green� publications, on women’s issues, military stuff (bad), nuclear waste (also bad), toxic waste (very bad) etc. Wrote a review for LJ on animal rights book. Had something in Library Juice. Obtained some gov’t doc from 1953 for Memory Hole (Formerly "Secret" Report from the military's center for bio, chemical, and radiological warfare) , and on and on.

In August she was with Information Ecology Associates, Denver, CO, so was this book published by them?