Debbie Does CSU

Here's a story from the Colorado State University Collegian about computer "porn" on campus.

Pornography can be ogled at computer labs throughout the university. It's a daily fixture on university hard disks - and it's perfectly legal. The thrust of the pro-porn argument lies in academic freedom, campus police said.

Smut does not conflict directly with any rules dealing with student codes of conduct or the university's Internet policy. Julie Wessling, the assistant dean for the Morgan Library, said her staff does not monitor or censor individuals browsing the Internet for sex acts.

It's interesting to note that the IT guy interviewed would be much more ready to smack hands than those on the academic side.


I can't get to the article, but is it really that interesting the IT guy would like to halt access? I mean, Porn sites are pretty agressive in thier "marketing".

I guess I meant more that I understand his frustration, as someone who has to deal with supercreeps asking to have sites unblocked. It's the part of my job that I least like.

Hey, look on the bright side. At least you learn all the web sites to recommend to friends and family.

I'm all checked out on foot fetish sites, thanks to Foot Fetish Guy.

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