Libraries, like books, need a spine


Anonymous Patron writes "Libraries, like books, need a spine
(a commentary on the psychic business that was covered earlier), by columnist Michael Fitzgerald: A library is the ultimate university. Its teachers are books. It must offer as many courses as possible, or the community it serves diminishes. And there are plenty who would have it that way. They thrive in the diminished world."
Interesting to note the mayor connecting the decision with an alleged library donation.

If a donor can call the shots against a municipal entity's mission, what's next, buying indulgences from the police department?


When we lived in Philadelphia we got very aggressive phone solicitations to donate to the policemen's ball (not the exact name, but some sort of fund for police). The operator made it clear that donators would be given a special bumper sticker to show they had given to this fund. Other people told me the callers greeted them with something like, "How's everything going on McCallum Street today?" Hmm. A ProQuest search on these terms didn't get much, but Google did yield this>.

And eBay has other> that probably wouldn't hurt your chances of getting ticketed. But I still think Dogbert's idea of putting "Cops are wussies" bumper stickers on his enemies' cars is the way to go.