Peshawar University’s library hit by staff shortage

Anonymous Patron writes "Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
Reports Despite being lavishly funded and well equipped, the Peshawar University’s (PU) central library is not serving the needs of students, owing to its poor management. The library’s annual salary budget amounts to Rs 6 million and it also receives an annual Rs 200,000 for necessary library developmental and repair works. It has been provided with books and journals worth Rs 5 million this year alone, the PU treasurer told Daily Times.

The central library has purchased new books, especially books related to subjects taught at the various departments of the PU, and established a textbook section, the assistant librarian said."


The news article also says: "The library is expected to establish an American section in November, after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the US consulate. The section will provide information about American Literature through DVDs, CDs, publication material and the Internet. The section will also organise educational workshops and seminars for the students of the university and provide free printing, photocopying and Internet facilities, library sources said."

        What they don't mention in the article is that the American USIA library was sacked and burned by Pakistanis who were outraged that Shi'ite Moslems from Iran took over some holy sites in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and shot up the local cops. So to protest Iranians shooting up Saudis, they burned the American library.

        I hope this one has a better future, and isn't used once again to demonstrate anti-American hostility.