Library Board must reach out

There is an editorial in the Star Tribune on the state of the Minneapolis libraries:

"Minneapolis libraries are in terrible financial condition. Not even during the 1930s was library staff reduced by 27 percent, as occurred last year, or were branch library doors closed three and four days per week, as they are today. No other major American city offers library patrons fewer hours of service."


I thought Minneapolis had the 3rd highest per capita library card penetration... and was building a huge new library... 7257

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

might ruffle a few feathers though:

A fifth incumbent, Virginia Holte, is a retired librarian. Challengers Hooker, Eric Hinsdale, Ian Stade, Lisa Kjellander, Mark (Sparky) Elko are also either current or former librarians. That perspective might be useful on the board at another time, but does not match the system's most pressing need today.

I disagree with the statement saying the board has to be strong in governance and advocacy. The governance should be left to the executive director. You can have a lot of advocates but I think there can only be one leader.