"Out, out, damn books!"

Cortez writes "More about bookless libraries, can the librarian-less library be far behind: http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0823/p01s05-legn.htm l
"So to ease some of the apprehension, administrators took the word "library" out of their vocabulary when referring to the Flawn Academic Center. When classes start Aug. 31, it will be filled with colorful overstuffed chairs for lounging, barstools for people watching, and booths for group work. In addition to almost 250 desktop computers, there will be 75 laptops available for checkout, wireless Internet access, computer labs, software suites, a multimedia studio, a computer help desk and repair shop, and a cafe.""


"can the librarian-less library be far behind?"

Cortez, to answer your question: yes! It's the main hidden agenda, BTW, for forcing the creation of bookless libraries (what an oxymoron!) People COST too much money, and desperate administrative types are looking for ways to rid themselves of paying as many salaries and benfits as possible (so long as it's not their's.) You're closer to Heaven for such to the extent you can enlist and dupe as many librarians with occupational-suicide-tendencies as possible in this process.

Only thing is...LIBRARIANS have been the leaders in creating portals and guides to research and subjects for library intranets... We've also arranged contracts will all those big bucks INFO CZARS like Gale, Wilson, Lexis, Factiva, Chemical Abstracts giving students and faculty FREE access to databases that corporations pay to access... We've created the websites that students use, we've held their hands and pointed the way through cyberspace... We've had collections scanned and digitized and indexed so they can be searched...Just hand em a laptop and a browser and a cup of coffee without US to get what they need and give them "the map" to get there?There will be alot of aimless browsing, and grabbing of the first mediocre answer found... they won't get the information they really need, they won't learn anything and they won't pass their courses without us.