An Alternative View: "I Hate Harry Potter", the Website


Anonymous Patron writes "Looks like Harry Potter hate sites are starting to pop up. This one in particular not only explains fairly eloquently why they dislike it but actually recommends other books that are supposedly better. Background color, however, is glaringly purple."


The site--while a little content thin--does raise some interesting points.
Also I support the book choices made by the author of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / C.S. Lewis; A Wrinkle In Time / Madeleine L'Engle; Coraline / Neil Gaiman; Eragon / Christopher Paolini; and The Golden Compass / Philip Pullman.
I add my own suggestions of the Wizard of Earthsea / Ursula K. Le Guin, & Dealing With Dragons / Patricia C. Wrede.

Since this has been the summer of flames, why not take this thread and turn it into a HP alternate readings section.

  • Sabriel / Lirael / Abhorsen ; by Garth Nix
  • The Thief / The Queen of Attolia ; by Meghan Whalen Turner
  • The Prydain Chronicles ; by Lloyd Alexander
  • everything by Edward Eager
  • anything by E. Nesbit
  • Howl's Moving Castle (and others) ; by Diana Wynne Jones

And those are just the obvious ones that spring to mind with no effort.

(NB: I like HP just fine, but let's be sure to enlighten those who seem to think fantasy literature never existed before.)

Websites like these strike me as rather pointless. Harry Potter is currently a popular fad. It doesn't mean kids aren't reading other books you know. Just because people like Harry Potter doesn't mean it either a)has to be particularly good or original or b)it is mutually exclusive to other books.

Basically this site is just some guy that's frustrated that his favorites aren't on the top. I'm sorry but when I was a kid, I hated Wrinkle in Time. I still find that book unreadable. The sequels to Golden Compass were lame, and Earagon? Why not just read Pern while you're at it? And yeah, Lewis and the author of Earthsea were terribly original Tolkien-knockoffs...

Anyway, what I'm saying is, making sites like that is silly. Its not going to convince anyone to like or dislike books. It's not going to make kids and parents read more than Harry Potter... although actually many of them probably are. Harry Potter itself will probably have more people reading fantasy.

Anyway blah blah blah, I rant like the other of that site, the end.