Escaping E-Mail Hell

stevenj writes "The current issue of Fortune magazine has an interesting interview with Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie (recently hired by Microsoft) about the future of email. They agree email contributes to information overload, but they don't see email going away. Rather, they believe email is being used for lots of applications for which better productivity software could be developed (who could do that I wonder?) - lessening the need to use email as frequently as we do. It's a good read. Find it at: 0,15114,1071146,00.html"


Advanced forms of filters, blocking and permissions could help keep the bad stuff out of our email boxes...there's a least one service I've encountered that requires the recipient to approve the receipt of any message sent to him or her...time consuming but it keeps the bad stuff out. At this point I'd be willing to do whatever it takes to keep that stuff out.

Who could do what email does better than email does it...Lotus Notes!