No More Gay Pride Displays in Hillsborough Libraries


An Anonymous Patron writes "Libraries in Hillsborough County (FL) will no longer be permitted to have Gay Pride displays. Led by County Commissioner Ronda Storms the County Commission voted 5-1 that Hillsborough County government abstain from acknowledging, promoting or participating in gay pride recognition and events, little g, little p."

Two gay pride displays at the John F. Germany branch downtown were removed Wednesday afternoon, library staff said. Ronda Storms was active in ``Take Back Tampa,'' which successfully pushed to rescind the amendment to the county's Human Rights Ordinance that protected gay residents. At the time, she said ``government should not be in the business of saying this is acceptable behavior.''"


And the flip side would be that Government should not be in the business of saying it's not acceptable behavior. Maybe, just maybe, we should let people decide for themselves. And what better place would that be than at the library were they can find both sides. But, they don't want that in Hillsborough County because some people might actually come to the conclusion that it's really none of their concern and that it really doesn't hurt them to let other people organize their lives as they deem proper.

You equate social pathologies and consumer choice with someone's gender? And someonwe thought that was insightful?

Actually I don't believe every issue has two sides that deserve equal time. Yes I could have said a pro-hetero marriage display or a pro-Moms and Dads display. Would any of you thought of it as anything other then anti-gay? No, I didn't think so.

It's the "fair and balanced" debate technique perfected by Faux news, or "on the other hand"-ism. The presumption that there are always two sides (why two? I dunno....) to every issue, and both deserve equal time and are presumed to have equal merit.

How about pro-flat earth and anti-cat displays?

Ok, then can we have anti-religion displays and celebrations too? Bet you'd hate that! Anti- displays are anti-productive and hateful.

Then I might encourage you to check out and read The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies, written by the editors of Heeb (the new jew review). You may find out some other silly conspiracies you can throw around as well. I bought it for my temple's library and it's already been a big hit with the Rabbi!Amazon link to book 334397/qid=1119019496/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_ur_1/102-7 221248-6851333?v=glance&s=books&n=507846

I don't really understand how having a display attacking an entire group of people would be a positive display of active library behavior.

And what about those interest rates? Greenspan keeps manipulating them. Enough about homosexuals, let's do something about the International Jewish Conspiracy. Do you realize how many books in our library are written by Jews?

Ronda insists it's "gay pride: little g, little p." Well, Ronda, capital F, capital U.

Don't forget to purge the library of those nasty unacceptable writers, Ronda dear. Whitman, Cather, Woolf, May Sarton, E.M. sure you get them aaaaalllll...because if you don't, can you really feel safe? You know what? While you're at it, just to be sure, why not remove Twain's Huckleberry Finn? Those two characters seem to shall we OVERLY affectionate relationship. This will not stand!Poor, poor, Ronda. So many things in life to fear. So many scary, scary humans doing happy, happy things with their bodies. Ew. There, there.

And the flip side would be that Government should not be in the business of saying it's not acceptable behavior.

But they do. I'm sure smokers, gamblers, boozers and big boat buyers would all relish the opportunity to "decide" their own tax rate. I know I certainly would with Uncle Sam's behavior modification mucking with my capital gains. Nothing new here RedCard. The homosexual lobby should resign themselves to joining the club.

...and Rhonda, you forgot to mention that we should burn all the books by gay authors...or that have any reference to homosexuality...or heaven forbid, gay marriages! Rhonda dear, just in case you didn't know, there are people out there that actually believe you will go to hell for wearing makeup (the Devil's paint) and that only loose women and ladies of the night wear makeup... Yeah, it sounds stupid doesn't it? Just like what you have proposed...stupid. Please, for the sake of mankind, jump into the 21st Century and realize that gay people aren't out to recruit or molest your children, ruin the sanctity of marriage or tell you that you have no taste...well, that might not be so true. Rhonda, grow up!

They can decide for themselves, they can go to the shelves and take out whatever books they want. The only way the library can be active and to let people decide for themselves is to have both gay and anti-gay displays to give both sides of the issue. Tell the library to do that and suddenly you'll find that they just don't have the time or energy and that they have honest-to-goodness real work to deal with.

Social pathologies??? I'll get to that in a minute

To answer your question, no. My point is that governments, in this case the U.S, "do" try to shape behavior. Usually punitively by way of taxing folks with an affinity for lightweight vices or too much money although I recently heard of a $100 stipend in my community for folks willing to trade in their gas mowers for battery.

Now let's consider "social pathology". It's ironic, or just plain poor judgment on your part, that you choose a term that more accurately reflects those things I mentioned; alcoholism, addiction to gambling, etc..

Social pathology can be defined as those phenomena that contribute to the demise of a society......Thus, high rates of crime, mortality, accidents, disease, and divorce are indicators of social pathology. (Encyc. of Human Behavior)

And I'm the homophobe here????