The Ghost in the Jamaican School Library

From the Jamaica Observer teenaged reporter Jodi-Anne Redway was sure she encountered someone from the spiritual world while working on a homework assignment after hours in the school library.

Does your library have a ghost?


I've worked in this library for ten years, since I was 18. I'm also a paranormal investigator. I won't say I'm a "amateur paranormal investigator" because nearly every paranormal investigator is an amateur. I don't know many of us making money off such things.

Anyway, we've had a ghost for years. The prevailing theory is that it's a former staff member who was extremely dedicated to the library. Indeed, she was quite wealthy and was responsible for the acquisiton of one of our special collections. The truely bizarre thing about her is that there's several conflicting views on how she died. Even the local paper published two different stories. Some people say she simply passed away from old age, other say she fell off a ladder, some say she died in a car accident. It really depends on who you ask.

However, she was noted for wearing high heels most of the time. And that's what you can hear walking around on the tile floors sometimes, high heeled shoes. We had a staff member chasing the sound through the basement (off limits to public) because she thought someone was down there who shouldn't be. Weirder still is that one can sometimes hear the high heels clicking across tile floors over by our meeting room.

Oh, by the way, the area in and around the meeting room is carpeted, but it used to be tiled.

Staff reported hearing their names whispered in their ears when no one is around, sometimes when no one else is in the building. Almost every member of maintenance reports this occurance, and each report was seperate. One guy didn't even believe in ghosts, but while he was cleaning around the meeting room someone called his name. He was Mexican, and while everybody here referred to him by an Americanized name, the name he heard was the Mexican version. He almost called the police because he knew he should be alone in the building at that time.

While most of the phenomenon have been in the realm of poltergeist activity, we've had at least one report of a full bodied apparition. This also took place in and around the meeting room. Our Gates Lab is off to the side of the meeting room in its own seperate room. While the meeting room has two doors, the Lab only has one. A staff member reported that, while she was working in the meeting room a strange woman walked into the Lab. When she checked, no one was in there. There was no way anyone could have left without being seen because, like I said, there's only one way in or out. Additionally, the Lab is in the basement. There's no windows either.