New libraries in Nepal

teaperson writes "From The Christian Science Monitor: An American NGO has been building libraries in remote areas of Nepal, organizing local communities to support them, and stocking them with books. From one or two libraries in 1988, there are now 35 libraries.

"It's my favorite place in the world," says 7-year-old Pratikshaya Pariyar as she studies Richard Scarry's "Big Book of Things," repeating to herself the names of all the objects in both Nepali and in English."

And a sign on the wall has Ranganathan's 5 laws."


Yes ! What an uplifting story -- and what an example to follow !

Believe it or not, there ARE places in the world where the lead mantra is not 'Shopping'.. where Donald Trump is unknown and to be an 'Apprentice' means to learn a craft -- not greed.. where Books are eagerly sought in lieu of Cell Phones; where Wal-Mart has not yet 'landed'.. they must exist in the USA as well ????... Kudos to this 'step forward'..

Which Country do you think will more closely resemble 'third-world' status in 2015 ? 2025 ?..