Door stays open at library, pretty much

News From Boston where The city is reviewing its policy on use of the public library auditorium after a white supremacist group signed up to use it under a deceptive name earlier this month.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone said he believes the policy is strong, but the city ''may make some adjustments to how it is administered."
The Arkansas-based group White Revolution billed itself as Immigration Reform Party when it applied to use the auditorium for a meeting May 7. When police informed Curtatone of the group's identity, he closed the library, citing a security risk to its patrons and to members of the group itself, because of possible counter-protests. As police supervised, the group met briefly in the parking lot.


This is not "news from Boston", but from Somerville, an inner, urban suburb of Boston. It's the Somerville library that had the problem with the deceptively-named white supremacist group, and Somerville that has reviewed its policy after the incident.

This would have been obvious to locals reading the story no later than the first mention of Mayor Curtatone, in the second sentence, but not necessarily to nonlocals. You need to get to nearly the end of the article before the first explicit reference to Somerville--and even that one could be ambiguous if you didn't know the Boston area.

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