Guerilla Guidelines for Bloggers


vonjobi writes "Dean Alfar spoke about the need for guerilla writing at i blog: The 1st Philippine Blogging Summit. Here are his five tips for bloggers on the move:

1. Write when you can.
2. Have small goals.
3. Write without editing.
4. Stop when you must.
5. Spit and polish."


It is distracting to readers, who may move on, to read "principle" instead of "principal" or "rein" instead of "reign."

Yet many will tolerate "i" instead if "I", "u r" instead of "you are," etc. ..... the ones you have mentioned are major mistakes, I think that some typos or misspellings might not be as distracting as you suggest in this day of "text messaging" short-hand and so on, for better or for worse.