OK Town Officials wants limits on library computers

Anonymous Patron writes "Enid News & Eagle - Enid,OK Enid Police Department officials know there have been instances in which sexual predators initiated contact with juveniles through computers at the Public Library of Enid and Garfield County.
They want the library board to place limits on what is offered via computer by the library."


This story makes me ponder the significance of sex and violence in the culture. Obviously from the popular success of movies (for example) sex and violence sells.They sell apart and together they sell spectacularly. Yet these items in reality are so “fear based� that the basic taken for granted rights are being tossed away on the notion that sex or violence or both might come to “our� community.I guess this rationalizes the idea that keeping records of who uses the computers (who is there) and not allowing e-mail or chat will prevent child abuse by pedophiles which is sex and violence to a child.So let me get this straight. Surveillance and limiting communications is the solutionfor the imaginary problem of pedophiles in libraries.What could be wrong with that picture?If the pedophiles are actually in the libraries how about some “police work “and get them out of the libraries.This seems like a “harmonic� of the “terrorist� fear. Many similarities. The libraries should probably have a color coded alert system ...it's code orange be extra alert for pedophiles.