Is "Search" Redefining our Lives?

Durst writes "This article in the Seattle Times was referenced on the Army Librarians list. I think it says alot of things we already know, but of which the public is just now becoming aware."


They start with an adwords success story, saying when search engines change lives, a technology transformation clearly is under way. Strange they say Google only accounts for 35% of all web searches. It's damn near 90% of all referrals for us.
For me it's amazing to see how they are describing search engines, and how they make no mention of libraries. Quotes as far as the eye can see!

[search engines] " are the destination itself, and crucial to fulfilling a basic human need — the quest for information…[search engines] they're going through a metamorphosis into being our trusted guide to everything…[search engines] They own a growing archive of the human race…..Experts say we'll look back years from now and chuckle at our half-baked methods of finding information….With a fast connection, the search engine is always there, ready to ask the question Microsoft once used in television commercials: "Where do you want to go today?"…. If we increasingly live in an "always on" world, and if our every task starts with a question, then every task could start with search….Search moves to the front of how we think and work, he said, and its impact becomes staggering…."If the average person was confronted with a history of his search queries and surfing records, they would be horrified and say, 'I want this destroyed.' "….Can we trust search engines with so much information, with knowing so much about us?.... "It's going to become very easy to get any kind of information and data you want where you want it," he said. "The device increasingly knows where you are and what you like to do when you're there."…. The things you search for, the Web sites you visit and the history of programs you watch could influence which ads come over your TV…Television companies are willing to spend huge sums to find out what people want, and the two industries could combine resources very quickly….In other words, search is becoming a media business…."We began to be convinced, like most everybody else, that search, global search, is the gateway to everything," he said. "As far as I can see, there is no impediment to its growth."