Students want Bibles in rooms ban


The BBC Reports Stirling University Students' Association (SUSA) wants the Gideons Bibles taken out of all student rooms.

Students said providing the Bible in all university accommodation was "presumptuous" and offensive to different religions on the campus.

The university would not comment until SUSA submits its request next month.


well when I was first in college, very thin onion skin type paper from books such as the Guideons' Bibles was used for recreational smoking purposes. Well at least for by the poor students.

Remember I started my undergraduate studies in Florida, in the early 80's.

If you don't want to read (or make some other use of) the free book then ignore it or pitch it. If they left a free Q'uaran in my dorm room I'm sure I would have read at least part of it. I don't think I would have converted, but you know sometims there is just nothing to read.

With an academic library on campus (typically open later than a public library), with textbooks, with your own personal books? *BOOGLE*On Topic: I'd see if some other sect wants to push their agenda with free books, and get them to submit their stuff into college dorm rooms too. Because at some point, there'll be more people trying to fill the room with books, than there is room...-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

Well truly I meant when one was to sojurn to that most private of reading rooms and wanted a book with which to pass the time.

Perhaps somehting like this.

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