Six "substitute" librarians file wrongful termination suit in Seattle, WA


The Reader's Shop writes " 30.htmlDisputing the "substitute" label, librarians in the King County Library System have filed a class-action lawsuit claining they were wrongfully terminated and excluded from collective bargaining negotiations.The plaintiffs attorney states that they were denied due process by being labeled "substitute" despite despite working long hours over many years. "The reality is they're working the same job."The plaintiffs say that experienced substitute librarians and assistant librarians were "invited" to reapply for jobs they had performed for years because of a new hiring process developed by the library system to create a centralized librarian employment pool.Charlene Richards, the library system's human resources manager, said the pool was created to streamline the hiring process for the library system and that it "involved multiple interviews with managers and demonstrated skills".


A friend who is part of this group says that the combined number of librarians and library assistants affected is more like 100 than six.