What CIOs should know about records

Anonymous Patron writes "10 things every CIO should know about managing electronic records is a list from SearchCIO.com. Though the list is obviously aimed at business CIOs, it's interesting and could be applied at libraries as well.
They say without question, information management is a high stakes game. The paper trail is now digital, and its first stop is the CIO's office. Managing e-records risk pro-actively makes sense for business entities and the CIOs who routinely lead people, processes and technology in strategic enterprise efforts."


While this article primarily focuses on private industry, the principles and the difficulties are the same in local, state, and federal government records management programs.

Technology for information access and retrieval has far out-paced the ability of corporate head cheeses to instigate and authenticate information control. Even those companies/vendors that claim to "do it all" are only able to make that claim because they have partnered with other companies. The EMC/Documentum acquisition is a perfect example.

I do think that librarianship and records management are really 2 sides of the same coin...a positive relationship between the two should exist in any organization.