Technology Literacy Assessment - duh


Cortez writes "The Information & Communication Technology Literacy Assessment will be taken this spring by less than thrilled college students: 05/03/20/digital_literacy_test/
"And yet, as The New York Times noted in January, ''just what is meant by 'information' or even 'technological' literacy remains a hotly debated topic in academic circles, and there is no widespread agreement on whether such skills can be taught, much less measured in a test.'' I flunked but did it in a technologically advanced mode - does that count?"


I liked number 8, personally. But really, were those questions so hard? What am I missing? I would venture to say that most college students today had access to a computer SOMEWHERE (home, school, library) while they were growing up. One of the questions the article didn't address was "What does the ETS propose to do with the results of this pilot?" Are they going to propose new standards or, like Bill Gates, tell everyone that something is wrong with the educational system but not offer any solutions as to how to fix it?

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