Maine Bill on Juvenile Library Confidentiality Rankles Many

Submitted by rochelle on Fri, 03/18/2005 - 15:42

Maine state representative, Randy Hotham, R-Dixfield, has introduced a bill that would require every municipal public library in Maine, as well the Maine State Library, the Legislature's law library and all libraries operated by the University of Maine System and Maine Maritime Academy to make circulation records of juveniles available to parents, upon written request.
Not surprisingly, librarians, civil libertarians and other legislators are less than thrilled.

"I respect the rights of parents. I also respect the rights and privileges of our children," state Rep. Patrick Flood, R-Winthrop, told the committee. "I do not believe it serves any good purpose to create apprehension in the minds of our young people that they may be reading the wrong book or looking at the wrong pictures."

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