New Blog for Wireless Libraries


This announcement has been posted to several lists.  Please
feel free to forward it where appropriate As a step into the continuing growth
of Wi-Fi in libraries, I am starting a blog called Wireless Libraries. It is at:
anyone is interested in becoming a contributor directly to the blog, please let
me know and I will add you as a "member."  That way you would be able to
add content to it as well as correct any content you add. I decided
on a blog because it gives me a little bit of editorial control for quality and
content.  I looked at wikis over the weekend but am still a little wary of
using them because they are so wide open.  I will also set up a second
blog, if there is interest, to pipe content from the LibWireless discussion
group into it. The list of libraries with wireless will not be part
of the blog directly.  This list will now be part of Marshall Breeding's
lib-web-cats database.  This is an ideal location for this information. The
database is searchable by many different fields including type of library. 
Marshall has added two fields to the database, one to indicate a wireless
network and one free form field for adding your network information and
policies.  Each library in my original list will have to update or input
your information.  The database is at:
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teach is to learn twice." - Joseph Joubert

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