Superb e-book hardware guide from Simmons College

David Rothman writes "Eager to know which gizmos are best for your e-book reading? The pros and cons of a PDA screen vs. those of the eBookWise 1150? Or which pocket-sized gaming console can display eReader/Palm books on a glorious 3.8-inch screen? Or which PDA-phone combo in a clamshell configuration might be good for e-books--or a tiny MP3 player better suited for e-books than rivals?

Then download an informative PDF from the Web site of Megan Fox, a Web-and-electronics resources librarian at Simmons College, who surveyed the e-book hardware scene for an e-book conference last week in Illinois.

More at TeleRead."


That's "Simmons" with an s at the end. Mea culpa. - DR

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