Libraries no, pressure cookers sí

mdoneil writes "Fidel Castro in a recent speech promised all Cubans a pressure cooker. (My God can that be any more ironic?)

The pressure cookers which cost about five and a half bucks may be paid for in installments.

No wonder they are imprisoning librarians, they might be able to pay for their pressure cooker all at once.

More on this exciting story here."


I don't think we should start a ground war in Cuba but why have test missile ranges in the United States when we have Cuba? Castro should not be allowed to own a house above ground. Whenever we need to teach some new pilot how to drop a laser guided bomb we should let him have some fun with one of Castro's houses. If one of his 1960's jets decide to make an issue of it we can pop some F-15 and F-16's on em.

Better yet once we take out his Air Force we can start air dropping guns to his people. Then the people of Cuba can vote with their guns. If they want Castro they can turn them in. If they don't want Castro they can kill him.

Forgot to take your medication again?

Considering the climate wouldn't a nice BBQ be more appropriate. I mean really?

Of course this is actually a good thing you know. Those independent libraries could start building humongous cookbook collections (like every public library in the U.S. of A.). There would suddenly be an increase in politically themed cooking (The Bill of Cooking Rights or Declaration of Independent Cooking) and then when the jackboots come in the headlines would be Castro Confiscates Cookbooks: Cuba Anti-Culinary and that will tick off the French and then look out!.

Yes, I took my medicine. Now that I am clear headed I realize that we should help out the opressed in Cuba instead of letting them be ruled by a tin pot dictator. Why would it be a bad thing to air dro weapons to the people of Cuba. If their country is such a happy little paradise they can turn the guns into plow shares. If they are being help in a dictatorial hellhole they can fight for their freedom. I have a feeling the place is not a paradise or pCubans would not keep building rafts to come over to the US.

ISBN: 0805052941

How about China? We're talking a billion oppressed. Let's roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work.

I love how some of the comments are being marked offtopic. The original story is about rice cookers for the people of Cuba. I don't see how that is ontopic for LISNEWS anyway. So to be marking other stuff offtopic seems a little mundane.

We are going to work our way outward. Invade Cuba which is 90 miles away first and China that is 4,000 miles away second or third depending on what we do with Iran, North Korea, etc...

So would you really get that upset if we dropped a cruise missile into Castro's living room and took him out?

Oh yea, this post is also offtopic. Whoever the anal person is that is jumping in and marking these as offtopic here is another to brighten up your day. I sure people can figure out that the item is offtopic without your help.

Here let me say something ontopic. Wow rice cookers for all his people. That makes up for thirty years of oppression.

Wow, you marked that post as offtopic also. You are so cool. Don't let the power go to your head.

I'm assuming you'll be using Iraq as a role model for these other unprovoked invasions? Or perhpas you'll use the Vietnam model. Nah, it'd have to be Iraq, much easier to claim "weapons of mass destruction" whether they exist or not. Eitehr way, it should go swimmingly

Since no one else is willing to use their names...

Don't make me stop this car.

Cuba imprisoning librarians, that's a story.
Friends of Cuban Libraries: that's a story.
Should ALA (or other library organisations) protest imprisonment of librarians, and if so, how?: that's a story.

Castro buys pressure cookers: what does that have to do with anything?

You want to snark about Castro, go post on LGF or Free Republic or even Metafilter.

You have got to be kidding me. An ISBN is flamebait? That's rich! The only person this could be flamebait to would be some Stalin lover. Do we have those in the ALA? If we do it is pathetic. Stalin killed millions and he is loved by someone in the ALA. Why don't we just worship Hitler while we are at it.

The mere mention of a book is considered flamebait among a group of librarians. Wow, talk about open minds and the ability to deal with conflicting ideas. I am assuming that if this flamebait book was in your library you would ban it because you don't want Staling shown in a bad light.

ISBN: 0307960307


ISBN: 0609607820

ISBN: 0380808889
ISBN: 0745630065
ISBN: 0300101880
ISBN: 1876175117
ISBN: 0393313271