Committee: Book is perfectly normal

Anonymous Patron writes "News From Northwest Arkansas:An appointed committee has ruled against a parent’s complaint that a sex education book should be banned from the Fayetteville Public Schools’ library system.

Instead, "It’s Perfectly Normal" by Robie Harris, a sex education book designed for pre-teens and young adolescents, will be allowed to stay on the shelves in the schools’ parent libraries."


Okay, that's confusing. There's a nice description of what constitutes a parents collection in the schools, even middle schools. But how many parents use the libraries of the school system? Wouldn't they be more likely to use the public libraries?

I believe they lean toward county library systems down south but would that really limit access that much?

that due to this mad woman theres actually now 6 more copies of the book (potentially) available to her school district!
Maybe one of them will be in her kids school? Hope so.
I just don't understand people who complain about things like this.