US HDTV Transition Assessed by FCC


AshtabulaGuy writes "In yesterday's edition of its Daily Digest the (United States) Federal Communications Commission noted the release of a staff report sent to Congress relative to the analog-to-digital transition in the United States.

The report is available in Adobe Acrobat Format as well as in Microsoft Word format and plain text although the Adobe Acrobat file is probably most easily readable for most readers.

The report discusses many issues including why US households are seemingly not overwhelmingly switching to HDTV so close to the deadline for present analog transmitters to go dark. This is a glimpse of a digital divide not normally seen from a library perspective. It looks as if the digital divide goes beyond citizenry not having access to just the Internet.

The FCC's explanation of the report can be read in this news release in Adobe Acrobat format."


Also note the backed project talked about at>. Near the end is a reference to "Geeks and Librarians Unite" which mentions the ALA v. FCC case.