Officials float kiosk as library alternative


twistedlibrarian writes "As the search continues for a new home for the Lake Elmo Library, county officials are considering a way of providing library service they haven't tried before: a kiosk.

The machine, which would be located in a public building in the city, would allow patrons to search, order, pick up and drop off library books.

Patrons would have access to the Internet, local library information and the library's online catalog. Those using the kiosk could order books from any library in the state — through an interlibrary loan — and pick up the books either wherever the kiosk is housed or at another library, said Washington County Library Director Patricia Conley.

St. Paul Pioneer Press "


Wouldn't mind reading this, but you know, stupid password/accounts - bah humbug!

I'd like to see a lot more book lockers. Some new libraries have them, and they're the damn coolest thing. I might even pay an annual fee to have one of my own, with my own key. But liability on that might be a problem... How do patrons get their keys? The whole point in having them is for people who're too busy to come but in the dead of night, or when otherwise inaccessible...

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL