DA: Read this book and charges will be dropped

A prosecutor has a deal for five teenagers arrested during the New England Patriots' Super Bowl parade: If they read a book that tells the story of drugs and desperation in a Boston neighborhood and write a report about it, he'll drop the charges.
The book Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley wants them to read is Michael Patrick MacDonald's memoir "All Souls," about growing up in South Boston projects. The youngsters must write a 2,500 word essay about the book.
From The AP, thanks Michael.


I've had a copy of this book sitting on my shelf to read for about 4 or 5 years now. I had gone up to my local Borders and found myself in the midst of an author talk and booksigning. MacDonald was an engaging speaker. He looked to be not that much older than I, until you looked into his eyes. This is one of the books that will get read before I die.