Do books need a DVD version?


Blogcritic Aaman Lamba thinks that book publishers should take a page from the movie industry's marketing of DVDs with extra content.

"Many a book could have been improved if authors were able to put out a 'DVD version' a few months after the original release of the book, incorporating plot elements that found their way on the editor's cutting room floor, hypotheses, an annotated commentary by the author, and so much more."

Researchers have collected manuscripts and notes written by authors after their deaths, and often these annotated collections are published and read with some interest. However, there is no equivalent to the director's commentary or behind the scenes footage that makes the marketing of DVDs so lucrative. Perhaps Lamba is on to something.


I have seen something similar done in fanfiction communities, where authors will write "director's commentaries" about particular scenes (or the entire story, if it's short enough).

As some of these authors are getting published, I wonder whether this trend will percolate upwards

The author of the Thursday Next series has "special features" for the books on his website.

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