Library thief pleads for leniency, apologizes


Anonymous Patron writes "Library thief pleads for leniency, apologizes: Standing to face the judge, with four packed rows of supporters behind her, Regetta Meyers apologized Tuesday for stealing more than $100,000 from the Homer Township Library District.
The district's former executive director was convicted in October of writing checks to herself from library accounts from 1992 to 1999. Prosecutors did not name an exact figure, but library attorneys contend that Meyers embezzled about $320,000."


Sure she's sorry....she's sorry she got caught.

If I can manage not to rip off my employers then she can too. Nobody becomes a librarian because of the big bucks. My finances are tight, I don't raid the company till. Get a second job lady. 320 grand over 10 years...lets see that is about .... a librarian's salary. So unless she was doing the work of two (well she was keeping 2 sets of books) she does not deserve the pay for two.

Clang.... well maybe they will let you run the prison library for a year or so.

Want to sound a little more contrite, hand over a check for 320K and then apologize. It works better if you had to sell your house for the money and now your family lives in a crappy apartment know just like a newly minted MLS student might.

Lock her theiving arse up!